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Critical Illness Insurance: Is It Really Worth It?

Touch wood or knock on wood—we say that often to ward off bad luck. But sometimes, it’s not always enough. Life is full of twists and turns, some ...

June 12, 2024

5 Life Events that Trigger a Need for Life Insurance

It’s safe to say that the topic of Life Insurance probably doesn’t cross your mind very often— and understandably so. We know that no one wants ...

February 21, 2023

Protect Your Income with Disability Insurance

When asked to name your most valuable assets, your home or your car may come to mind immediately. But what if we told you that your greatest asset of ...

May 2, 2022

Life Insurance: What Business Owners Should Know

When you’re running your own business, it can be hard to separate your personal life and your professional life. Your day-to-day operations may be k...

March 2, 2022
Graphic showing term life insurance

Life Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be a Lifelong Commitment—Here’s Why

A common misconception about Life Insurance? The longer you have it, the better off your loved ones will be. The truth is though, Life Insurance doesn...

May 4, 2021
Graphic illustrating costs not covered by free healthcare

How “free” is Canadian healthcare?

One of the best things about Canada? Our healthcare system. No matter what part of the country you live in, you have access to free healthcare if you...

July 17, 2020

Travelling Outside Canada? Did You Know That OHIP No Longer Provides You With Coverage?

It’s been a rough winter. Between the cold, wind, and snow, it’s the perfect time for a warm getaway. You pack your bags and head to Costa Rica on...

February 25, 2020
Graphic to represent claims information from PROLINK

The 5 W’s (and H) of Disability Insurance

What’s your most valuable asset? Is it your home or your car? Maybe it’s an investment or a rare collector’s item. Well, what about your earning...

January 29, 2020
Graphic to represent Professional Insurance Program for Kinesiologists, Members of the CKA

If healthcare is free, why do I need Health Insurance?

Oh, Canada—it’s the land of free healthcare, right? Not quite. Yes, government plans provide access to all basic and medically necessary doctors...

October 28, 2019

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