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Welcome to the CMBA BC Insurance Program from PROLINK

PROLINK offers comprehensive and cost-effective insurance coverage to address the unique professional insurance needs of Mortgage Brokers and Brokerages. With over 35 years of industry experience, we can provide superior protection, an exceptional partnership approach, and personalized client service just for you—all at an exclusive CMBA BC rate. 

No matter where you’re coming from or how complex your risks are, you can trust PROLINK to keep your insurance solutions simple. We’ll make sure you’ve got the right coverage from the right insurer for the right price.

At PROLINK, we can help you feel confident that you have the right protection.

We believe in personal relationships.

We value knowing you, and taking the time to understand your unique situations, so that we can provide you with genuine advice and follow-through. Our named, dedicated advisors will take a holistic view of your lives and explain all of your coverages and potential exposures, so that you can make educated decisions.

We have over 30 years of experience.

As a result, we’ve seen insurance from every perspective. Wherever you’re coming from, and whatever you need, we’re your one-stop-insurance-shop. You can depend on us for the protection you require.

We represent a network of insurers.

We know their strengths, their weaknesses, how they’ll assess you as a risk, and how they’ll treat you in the event of a claim. Plus, as one of Canada’s largest national brokerages, we have the buying power and influence required to advocate for you and your needs with the various insurers.

We work for you, not the insurer.

As an independent insurance brokerage, we are not obligated to sell you on a particular insurer. Instead, we’ll evaluate the available offerings and the discounts you are eligible for, to bring you solutions to best fit your life.

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Protection for My Business and Professional Life

Browse our professional insurance solutions tailored to the needs of British Columbia's Mortgage Brokers. 

  • Errors and Omissions PLUS Program

    As a mortgage broker, you help people and families secure their homes—and their futures—every day. You guide them to solutions that suit their needs, their lifestyle, and their budget. You advocate for them so they can get the best rates possible. It’s a rewarding career; but it’s also unpredictable.

    The real estate market is in constant flux, even in times of prosperity. And when someone’s home is involved, tensions can run high, especially if your client thinks you’ve done something to damage them financially. Despite your best intentions, your advice or actions might be misinterpreted and you could face a lawsuit.

    While you advocate for your clients, let us advocate for you. Like Mortgage Brokers, PROLINK focuses on solutions. That’s why we’ve devised a comprehensive, cost-effective Errors and Omissions plus program customized to the unique risks you face as a professional, all at an exclusive CMBA BC rate. We’ll protect you from any allegations of negligence, error, or misrepresentation, even if the claims made against you are groundless.

    Our E&O PLUS program features:

    • Errors and Omissions Liability Coverage:
      • Flexible amounts of coverage ranging from $500,000 to $5,000,000 per loss;
      • Protection for mortgages arranged with private and institutional lenders;
      • Coverage for Mortgage Administration Services;
      • Full prior acts coverage for the brokerage. The policy will cover services rendered by all associates since the inception of the brokerage. All agents and employees are automatically covered under the policy;
      • Legal Expenses reimbursement for Regulatory Disciplinary investigations and hearings;
      • No deductible if no damages are paid to the third party claiming against you.
    • Legal Expense Insurance (included with E&O Plus)
    • Legal representation is expensive. Between lawyers’ fees, court fees, settlements, and more, the cost of an unexpected lawsuit can add up pretty quickly. And costly litigation won’t just chip away at your business’s bottom line; it’ll also tarnish the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

      That’s why PROLINK is partnering with ARAG Canada to offer a comprehensive, cost-effective Legal Protection Service, automatically included with your Professional Liability Insurance. Your Legal Protection Service now includes access to:

      • Legal Expense Insurance up to your limit of coverage, including coverage for legal representation;
      • Professional legal counsel through an unlimited telephone service, available seven days a week from licensed lawyers;
      • A secure, online Legal Document Portal uniquely tailored to the needs of CMBA members, with free access to 100+ legal templates and a guided document builder;
      • And more!

    Canada-wide coverage: E&O PLUS covers brokerages licensed in any province and is regulator-approved in provinces where E&O insurance is mandatory.

    Contact PROLINK to learn more today!

  • Financial Institution Bond for the BC Securities Commission

    The CMBA Bond program provides members with an additional 10% discount on the lowest marketplace rates. The Bond complies with all requirements under National Instruments 31-103 for firms registered as either Investment Fund Managers, Restricted Portfolio Managers, or Exempt Market Dealers. The application process is simple and CMBA members can benefit from a quick turnaround from an insurance broker who understands your business.

    Contact PROLINK to apply today!

  • Mortgage Impairment Insurance for Private Lenders

    Mortgage Impairment Insurance protects the mortgage interest of the private lender / investor / mortgagee (“lender”) against the impact of physical loss or property damage where the lender believed that the property had valid primary insurance at the time of the loss, only to discover that either there was no valid insurance was in place, or insufficient insurance to cover the lender’s interest. It also provides primary property insurance prior and subsequent to title passing to the lender in which there is no other property insurance, inadequate insurance, or no evidence of insurance from the mortgagor. Finally, it offers optional premises liability protection for the lender in a Power of Sale and can include high risk properties.

    All commercial and residential properties in which a lender holds a mortgage or other security interest and that are within the mortgage portfolio managed or administered by the lender or administrator are covered by this policy. This valuable protection for mortgage administrators, MICs, and private lenders arranging mortgage funds through your brokerage is offered at competitive rates.

    Contact PROLINK to apply today!

  • Commercial Office Insurance

    If you have your own business, chances are you also own, rent, or lease office space. Whether it’s a major corporation, an up-and-coming firm with a small staff, or a home-based office, every business has valuable assets. And whatever the reason—a natural disaster, a power outage, or a break-in—every business is vulnerable to damage.

    The cost of repairs and replacing your equipment can leave a lasting deficit in your finances, especially for smaller firms. Even if you can cover the expenses out-of-pocket, there’s the added blow of losing any income you would’ve earned before having to relocate or close down temporarily to fix the damages. Plus if your new location is out of the way, it might inconvenience your existing clients and keep any new ones away.

    And if your office is home-based? Your business and contents might not be covered under your Home & Auto policy, especially for any equipment taken on the road.

    That’s where we come in. PROLINK’s CMBA Commercial Office Package provides Commercial General Liability, Property, Business Interruption and Crime Coverage Insurance at extremely competitive rates. We’ll help you protect the investment that you've poured into your office, as well as meet any landlord or property manager lease requirements. We’ll also make adjustments to your coverage as your business continues to grow so you’re secure no matter what.

    Contact PROLINK to apply today!

  • Data Security and Privacy Breach Insurance

    In this day and age, all companies are data companies. When you rely on computer networks for the bulk of your work, hackers, malware, and ransomware pose a real threat. Whether it’s a stolen laptop, a breach in your cloud provider, or even extortion from a rogue employee, being on a network exposes you to cyber risk. And you may not realize the value of your digital assets—and the implications of a breach—until it’s too late.

    If you service high-profile clients, you might even be more attractive to some cybercriminals for your third-party connections. But make no mistake, smaller businesses and start-ups with a lower budget for security provisions are just as susceptible to attack.

    You might think that your property or liability insurance policy will restore your files for a small add-on fee. But there’s no fast fix for a cyber attack, especially when your physical property isn’t your most valuable. Data Security and Privacy Breach Insurance can protect you against these losses, help you get your electronic assets back in order, and your business back online.

    Highlights of our policy include:

    • Public relations consulting for how to handle the breach;
    • Coverage for legal fees and coaching in case of a civil suit;
    • Business interruption and client notification coverage;
    • And much more!

    Contact PROLINK to apply today!

  • Resources, Tips and Information

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Caring Claims

Sometimes, stuff happens. In the event that you need to make a claim and the situation is urgent or an emergency, help is a phone call away!

Monday to Friday (8AM to 5PM)
 Contact PROLINK directly at 1 800 663 6828. We will take your claim, confirm your policy and report it to your insurer.

After Hours
Access our after-hours claims service, Kernaghan Insurance Adjusters at  1 800 387 5677, or call your insurer directly and they will loop us in.

Please reach out to PROLINK if you ever feel unsure. We’re here for you.

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