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What does Errors & Omissions Insurance cover?

In general, Errors & Omissions Insurance covers you against allegations brought by a third party (e.g. a client) seeking damages resulting from a negligent or wrongful act, error, or omission arising from your profession and within your scope of practice. The policy will pay for your legal defence costs (e.g. lawyer fees, court costs, etc.). Click here to learn more!

What unique features does PROLINK's E&O Plus Program Offer?

PROLINK’s E&O Plus Program for CENTUM Members is unique because it has the following features:

  • Flexible coverage options ranging from $500K-$5M per claim;
  • Protection for mortgages arranged with private & institutional lenders;
  • Coverage for Mortgage Administration Services;
  • Reimbursement of Legal Expenses for Disciplinary Investigations & Hearings;
  • No deductible if no damages are paid to a third party;
  • Full prior acts coverage for the brokerage;
  • Canada-wide coverage.


Legal Expense Insurance: Covers legal defense costs up to $75,000 per policy period, take advantage of telephone legal advice at no additional cost, and access a rich library of customizable legal documents. It’s never been easier to protect yourself and your business

What does Cyber Insurance cover?

Data Security & Privacy Breach Insurance  (also known as Cyber Insurance) protects your business from financial loss and helps get you back online following a privacy breach. Watch our Cyber Insurance explainer video to learn more!

The Professional Liability Insurance policy is a “claims-made” policy. What does "claims-made" mean?

A “claims-made” policy requires you to have coverage in place both when the event or incident occurred and when it was brought to light (i.e. “made”).

Why does PROLINK recommend Cyber Insurance for Mortgage Brokers & Administrators?

Data and privacy breaches have become increasingly more prevalent in Canada and the repercussions can be severe. Without proper security, you risk losing permanent access to mission-critical data. Plus, if you’re found negligent in the event of a breach, Canadian Privacy Regulators could fine you up to $100,000 per violation.

Then there are indirect costs, like client notification, investigation, business interruption, and legal fees. In fact, the average cost per lost or stolen record in the financial services industry is $383. Mortgage brokers and administrators also have an especially high exposure due to the personal and financial information you have access to from both your borrowers and your lenders/investors.

Even worse? Diminished goodwill and reputational harm from the breach might even do more harm than remediation costs, especially if you don’t take swift action or notify breach victims right away. Once you’ve lost that trust, it won’t be easy to regain, or attract new clients, employees, or even investors.

What if I need to make a mid-term change to my policy?

For any mid-term policy requests such as: updates, address changes, limit increases, additional insured certificates, and more, please contact MortgageBrokers@prolink.insure.

What is a claim?

An insurance claim is a formal request made by an individual to their insurance company to cover the cost of a covered loss. Most claims are filed following a verbal or written demand for compensation, or the threat of a demand for compensation from a client, partner, consultant, or other third-party.

What do I do if I receive a statement of claim?

The agreement you have with your insurer requires you to inform them anytime there’s a situation that might give rise to a claim. Additionally, your insurer reserves the right to decline a claim if written notice is not provided as soon as you become aware of an incident that may give rise to a potential claim.

As a result, we strongly advise you to notify us immediately in the event that you receive an email, letter, or any verbal notification of a claim related to professional negligence or disservice—even if it doesn’t result in an insurance claim. 

A written notification will not impact your insurance premiums. You can provide details of any potential incident to MortgageBrokers@prolink.insure .

Click here to see how you can file an insurance claim in 5 steps or less.




To speak to a professional who can guide you to the right coverage from the right insurer at the right price call us at:


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To speak to a professional who can guide you to the right coverage from the right insurer at the right price call us at:


or send us an email below:

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