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Below find helpful descriptions, videos, and FAQs about the coverages included with your PROLINK policy.


Professional Liability Insurance (also known as Errors & Omissions) will respond to a lawsuit alleging that the professional services provided by you or your business were inadequate or that you were negligent in the provision of those services.

Professional Liability Insurance is a “claims-made” policy. Regardless of when a wrongful act takes place, this policy applies only to claims that are:

  • First made against the insured (i.e. you or your firm) during the term of the policy; AND
  • Reported to the insurance company or PROLINK in writing during the policy period or within 30 days thereafter.



Commercial General Liability Insurance covers you for third party injuries and/or property damage resulting from your activities. It  provides protection in the following circumstances:

  • Third party injuries and property damage;
  • Visits with clients;
  • Libel and slander;
  • False advertising;
  • And more.



My staffing company has insurance, so I don’t need coverage, right?

As an independent contractor working through your member staffing company you are by definition independent and thus responsible for your actions. Were it otherwise, you would be an employee. All Independent Contractors should protect themselves.

I see that the program includes two policies. What are these and why do I need both?

Both the Errors & Omissions (“E&O”) and Commercial General Liability (“CGL”) policies are required to adequately protect you if you are incorporated or a sole proprietor. The E&O coverage protects against mistakes which cause financial loss to a third party. CGL coverage is focused on protecting you from claims as a result of Bodily Injury or Property Damage to a third party for whom you are legally liable.

Will the Independent Contractors' Program protect me for my own consulting activities (with other clients) that I also perform from time to time?

NO. The Independent Contractors’ Program only protects you for E&O and CGL claims arising out of the work you do on behalf of your member staffing company. Please contact your PROLINK Connection to discuss options to insure all of your activities.

What services are covered?

The policies cover the following services:

• Accounting / Finance
• Administration / Clerical
• Information Technology
• Management Consultants
• Technical & Engineering

Please note there are some limitations/restrictions. Refer to the policy wordings.

What limits are available?

You have choice of a $1 million, $2 million or $5 million limit.

What is the deductible?

There is a $1,000 deductible. Note however that this deductible does NOT apply to your defense costs.

What is the minimum and maximum policy term?

You can purchase coverage for as little as one week going all the way to 18 months.

When will my coverage become effective?

Coverage is effective the date you sign up (or the starting date you select) AND your payment is received. Coverage CANNOT be backdated.

In whose name will the documents be issued?

If you are incorporated, and are the sole employee, the insurance documents will be issued in the name of your corporation. As an employee of your incorporated company, the coverage automatically extends to you. If you are a sole proprietor (unincorporated) the documents will be issued in your name personally.

Do I need to confirm coverage to my member staffing company?

You should forward your Certificate of Insurance to your staffing company as proof of coverage and to fulfill your contractual obligations to your staffing company.

How do I renew/extend my insurance coverage?

Before your policy expires, you will receive a reminder email containing a link to renew. Please click this link to renew your policy.

What do I do if my current policy has expired and I need to secure more coverage?

Please contact your PROLINK Connection

What happens if I am named in a lawsuit (either personally, corporately or both) and I DON'T have this OR ANY coverage?

Without coverage, you must rely on your own resources to fund a defense and pay any judgments, which are awarded against you.

What happens if I am named in a lawsuit (either personally, corporately or both) and I DO have this coverage?

If either you or your corporation should be named in a lawsuit, notify PROLINK immediately! We will submit the claim to Victor (your insurer), who will professionally orchestrate the response.

Experienced litigators familiar with your work will completely handle the process. All legal costs, subject to the policy limits, are indemnified by the policy. If a judgment is settled or awarded then you are responsible to pay the deductible on that portion.

What happens if I leave my staffing company and a claim arises several months later?

The E&O policy will respond to any claims which manifest for up to 6 months after your coverage has expired.

The CGL policy will respond to incidents for bodily injury and property damage which occurred only during the actual term of coverage.

What if my contract ends early and I don't want to pay for coverage while no longer working on behalf of my member staffing company, what do I do?

Simply contact our office and we will make arrangements to cancel your coverage on your

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