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Welcome to the ACE Personal Insurance Program from PROLINK

In partnership with the Association of Canadian Ergonomists, PROLINK has advocated for your needs with a network of insurers, giving you the opportunity to benefit from superior protection at unparalleled rates. No matter where you’re coming from, or how complex your needs, we can guide you to the right coverage from the right insurer at the right price.

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  • Home & Auto Insurance

    Work, friends, family, responsibilities, hobbies—no doubt about it, your life is busy. And in those rare moments of downtime, you relax. You’d never spend a minute thinking about all of the ways life can be disrupted if your home or your car suddenly experienced extensive damage. Unfortunately, as everyone eventually learns: life can be unfair, unpredictable, and uncertain. But that doesn’t mean that you’re helpless in the fight. A comprehensive Home and Auto policy is a crucial tool in helping you overcome the unexpected stress and financial strain of an accident or disaster.

    But, you’re busy. And you have lots of financial obligations. And you’d rather not ever have to think about your insurance. At least, not until something you never expected to happen, happens. Will your policy cover you then? If you’re like most people, your answer is probably “I don’t know”. At PROLINK, we want you to feel confident that you have the right coverage, should something occur. It’s our job to worry about which coverages you need and which risks you face, so that you don’t have to.

    Plus, as a member of ACE you can save up to 15% with our exclusive Home and Auto Group Insurance Plan!

    Contact us for your no-obligation quote today!

  • Health & Dental Insurance

    If you’re an independent Ergonomist, you probably don’t have access to traditional employee benefits like Health, Dental, and Drug coverage.

    But expensive treatments, prescriptions, and dental work always seem to pop up when you’re least expecting them. And if you end up with a serious illness, injury, or chronic condition that requires ongoing care, the costs can add up pretty quickly.

    We can help. PROLINK’s comprehensive program covers Health, Vision, Dental, and Drugs, and can get you access to Paramedical services such as Massage, Chiropractic Adjustment, Physiotherapy, and more. Taking advantage of your plan and being proactive about your health now will help you prevent long-term conditions in the future.

    Plus, by purchasing your insurance through PROLINK, you become part of a member pool across all of the associations that we represent in addition to ACE. And that means access to lower rates.

    To learn more, contact PROLINK today!

    • FAQ

      • 1. Do I have to buy BOTH Health and Dental?

        No, you can opt out of Dental if you feel that you already have sufficient coverage through another plan.

      • 2. Which services are encompassed in Health and Dental insurance?

        With your Health and Dental plan you can access:

        • Extended healthcare coverage that includes:
          • Annual reimbursement for prescription drugs;
          • 80% reimbursement with dispensing fee deductible;
          • 15 paramedical services such as massage, chiropractic, homeopath, etc.
          • $5 million Emergency Medical Travel coverage for trips within province;
          • Vision coverage: $50 for examinations (every 24 months), $250 for hardware.
        • Dental coverage for preventative and basic restorative procedures;
        • Life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment coverage;
        • A weekly income benefit should you become disabled;
        • A long-term disability benefit that activates after 26 weeks of continuous disability;
        • An assistance plan for counselling and advisory services.
      • 3. How does the Weekly Disability Benefit function?

        If you become totally disabled, this benefit pays $250 weekly. Benefits will begin on the first day of an accident or hospitalization and on the 15th day of sickness, continuing for a period of 26 weeks if necessary.

      • 4. When does Long Term Disability begin to apply and for how long will I receive benefits after becoming completely disabled?

        After 26 weeks of continuous total disability, up to $3,000 monthly benefit is paid out tax free. Benefits will be paid out until age 65.

  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance is the coverage you avoid thinking about—until there’s a major emergency or health scare that forces you to reconsider.

    If something were to happen to you, who would provide for your family? Who would take on your debts? Who would cover your funeral expenses and the estate taxes from getting your affairs in order?

    Your loved ones might never truly heal from the pain of losing you, but you can help them recover from the financial strain of an untimely death. Plus if you insure early on, you can avoid paying a higher premium as you get older.

    Don’t wait. Pass the pain over to us. At PROLINK, we’ll take the time to understand you, your needs, and your family. We’ll provide you with affordable, long-term protection so you can provide for your loved ones if the unexpected happens to you.

    Contact PROLINK to evaluate your options today!

    • FAQ

      • 1. Why do I need Life insurance?

        If you have a family or dependents, your Life insurance can ensure that they won’t suffer financially following your death.

      • 2. Does my age affect my life insurance premiums?

        Yes. Typically, the older you are the higher the risk and by association, the premium. That’s why experts recommend purchasing a Life insurance policy when you are younger. However, other factors like gender, medical history, smoking, can also impact your premiums.

      • 3. Are there any restrictions as to who I can name as a beneficiary?

        There is no restriction to who you can name as a beneficiary. That being said, if a beneficiary is a minor then a Trustee must be appointed for the duration of time until the beneficiary reaches the age of majority.

      • 4. Is the payment my beneficiary receives tax-free?


  • Critical Illness Insurance

    Living with a critical illness isn’t just physically and mentally exhausting—it’s also financially draining. Most medications and treatments aren’t covered by a traditional drug plan. The latest healthcare breakthroughs are rarely available outside the U.S. On top of that, there are also travel expenses, childcare, and all the added indirect costs that come with a major health condition.

    Even if you’re financially stable, medical bills will take a toll on your hard-earned savings. Especially if your family relies on your income.

    Critical Illness Insurance can help with that by providing you with a lump sum that can be leveraged in whatever way best suits your needs. Once it’s been paid, how you spend it is completely up to you, whether that’s hiring a nurse, making your home accessible, or even paying off part of your mortgage.

    You can’t predict when you’ll get sick, but you can plan for it. With PROLINK, you can access top-quality care through a customized and cost-effective Critical Illness policy for the long-term financial flexibility you need.

    Contact PROLINK to learn more today.

    • FAQ

      • 1. Is Critical Illness insurance paid out to my family after I pass away?

        No. Critical Illness insurance is a living benefit and is usually paid out to you as a lump-sum following a survival period of 30 days after diagnosis of one of the listed illnesses.

      • 2. What is a survival period and how long does it last?

        A survival period refers to the waiting time between receiving a diagnosis and when your benefit is paid out. For most Critical Illness policies, it is 30 days.

      • 3. How is the lump sum determined?

        Typically, you need to purchase coverage for up to two years of income. However, we can offer you access to limits of up to $1 million. There is also no associated deductible.

      • 4. Are there any restrictions as to how I can use the money from my Critical Illness Insurance?

        No. You can use your Critical Illness insurance for anything from medical treatment to a luxurious vacation. How you want to spend your money is completely up to you.

  • Travel Medical Insurance

    You work hard and you deserve a worry-free vacation. Even so, no matter how much you plan, accidents can happen. Getting injured or sick overseas be anything from a minor inconvenience to a massive financial blow.

    Think of travel insurance as a small investment with high value. It seems like an unnecessary expense and it’s definitely not the most exciting part of trip planning. But your peace of mind is priceless. Taking the time to set up protection in advance can save you the nightmare of unexpectedly forking out thousands of dollars abroad.

    With access to over 30 insurers, PROLINK can offer you a comprehensive insurance plan that suits your travel needs. Beyond emergency medical costs, we can also help you with lost baggage and trip cancellations fees with a few enhancements to your policy, even if it’s just for a weekend trip across the border.

    With PROLINK you’ll be prepared for whatever happens, wherever it happens. We want you to travel with ease, comfort, and the confidence of knowing we’ve got you covered.

    Contact PROLINK to learn more today!

    • FAQ

      • 1. Is Travel Medical Insurance purchased per trip or on a yearly basis?

        It’s up to you. Both types of policies are available. However, purchasing on a yearly basis means you will be covered for all trips you take during that year. Purchasing per trip is more limited.

      • 2. Can I add any additional travel protection to this policy?

        Yes. We can add Lost Baggage and Trip Cancellation extensions to your coverage.

      • 3. What is covered under Lost Baggage?

        This provides protection for the replacement value of items in baggage that is lost during travel.

      • 4. What is covered under Trip Cancellation?

        This coverage provides reimbursement for travel expenses (airfare and accommodation) when the trip must be cancelled prior to or after departure for some unforeseen reason.

  • Régime d’assurance habitation et d’assurance automobile

    Le travail, les amis, la famille, les responsabilités, les passe-temps – sans aucun doute, votre vie est occupée. Et dans ces rares moments d’arrêt, vous vous détendez. Vous ne perdriez jamais une minute à penser à toutes les façons dont la vie peut être perturbée si votre maison ou votre voiture subissait soudainement des dommages importants. Malheureusement, comme chacun finit par l’apprendre : la vie peut être injuste, imprévisible et incertaine. Mais ça ne veut pas dire que vous êtes impuissant dans ce combat. Une police d’assurance habitation et automobile complète est un outil essentiel pour vous aider à surmonter le stress inattendu et le fardeau financier occasionnés par un accident ou une catastrophe.

    Mais vous êtes occupé. Et vous avez beaucoup d’obligations financières. Et vous préféreriez ne jamais avoir à penser à votre assurance. Du moins, pas avant que quelque chose à laquelle vous ne vous attendiez pas se produise. Votre police vous couvrira-t-elle alors? Si vous êtes comme la plupart des gens, votre réponse est probablement « Je ne sais pas ». Chez PROLINK, nous voulons que vous vous sentiez confiant d’avoir la bonne couverture en cas d’incident. C’est notre travail de nous soucier des garanties dont vous avez besoin et des risques auxquels vous faites face, afin que vous n’ayez pas à le faire.

    De plus, en tant que membre de l’ACE, vous pouvez économiser jusqu’à 15 % grâce à notre régime exclusif d’assurance habitation et automobile collective!

    Contactez-nous dès aujourd’hui pour un estimé sans engagement!

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